Content Management Systems

Ever wish you could edit any of the content on your site without needing help from a web designer? We can set you up with a CMS that lets you do just that, custom-tailored for anything you need to update. We have experience building sites in Drupal, WordPress, Expression Engine & Magento.

Logo Design

A unique & communicative logo is an enormous asset to any company and its brand. We can create a design for you that evokes the feelings you’re trying to elicit out of your customers every time they see it, and make it adaptable to any medium. We can even make business cards if you need them.

Graphic Design

My graphic designs are more than just eye candy. They take advantage of usability principles like contrast and proximity to make your site’s message easier to understand and guide your users where you ultimately want them to go – whether it’s a contact page or a checkout process.

Front-End Dev

I take special care to make sure my HTML & CSS is written semantically which aids in both accessibility and search engine optimization. My use of progressive enrichment ensures your more technologically-adept users get an enhanced experience without leaving everyone else behind.

Browser Compatibility

How compatible is your site with older browsers? One site’s analytics may show 3% of users using Internet Explorer 6.0, whereas another might hit 70%. Regardless of the story your analytics tell, I have experience fixing all manner of cross-platform bugs. I can make sure it works in AOL 3.0, if you really want.

Usability Analysis

Are usability problems making your website or web application hard to use and driving customers away? Let me perform an analysis for you using up-to-date technologies like heatmaps and flow statistics, as well as my own usability expertise. I can help get you back on track.


My fantastic photographic skills can produce compelling images that sell. I have over 10 years experience in advertising photography shooting. We can come to your location and photograph your food, vehicle, product, events, house, venue, or commercial property.

Print Design

In addition to web design, I provide a complete range of print design services; from logo design to stationery, datasheets, folders, exhibition stands, magazine advertisements and promotional materials.

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